Being Proactive is Paramount to Protecting Those You Serve as well as Those who Stand With You.

At the Core, The Product Has to Work.

Genesis is proprietary broad spectrum sanitizer and cleaner treatment that leverages the power of HOCl to take heavily used surfaces and not only disinfect them, but provide long-last protection.

Trusted and Covered by Many

The Germinator team is proud to serve companies both large in scale nationally and those who are deeply embedded in Texas. 

A Streamlined But Thorough Process.

It is important to ensure that we provide our steps in detail.

But also having a measurable way to see the difference gives you and us peace of mind that we are doing our job.

Securely Providing Long-Lasting Protection
Since 2015

The Germinator product and integrated service has been protecting areas since before the most recent pandemic. You can trust that we’ve been developing and refining our process since before this more recent attention to surface protection.

We aren’t a cleaning company, we are a remediation provider.

Large Enough to Handle the Most Complicated Commercial Applications...

Over the last six years, the Germinator Service has disinfected and protected every type of Commercial business.

Responsible Pricing

At J Ferg Global, we have partnered with organizations throughout various
industries, including education, medical, military, governments, hospitality,
and more. We value all of these partnerships greatly and are committed to
growing long-lasting relationships with each of them. Our mission is to help
organizations first and foremost; thus, our pricing ethos reflects that.

Our partners can expect fair and transparent pricing that provides value far
beyond your financial investment. We do this because we believe that each
partner is the key to our long-term success. We believe that standard
packages and upgrades might not be conducive or efficient for every
organization. Our proposals are entirely customized to provide your
organization with maximum value when and where you need it.

We truly value our partners and those that commit to us. As a result, our
pricing is based on economies of scale. In other words, our proposals reflect
the more you do business with us, or the longer you commit to partner with
us, the more you save.

But Detail-Oriented Enough to Ensure your Residential Area is Flawlessly Protected.

We understand that the idea of treating a residential area may seem daunting. 

What to cover, what to move out of the way?

Our team has years of experience in maneuvering around residential spaces to make protection cover every corner of your residence, while ensuring that you have very little if any prep to do.

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