J Ferg Global is here to help with tailor-made solutions for organizations and their stakeholders to get back on their feet with health and safety as a top priority.


Slide Tribal Nations J Ferg Global works with Tribal Nations across North America. There are unique challenges facing Tribal Nations regarding COVID-19 risk mitigation. J Ferg Global recognizes these challenges the best we can and is committed to constantly working with local leaders to develop a deeper understanding of the local community. By employing and training locals, we create solutions for not only infection control, but also economic stimulus. MORE ABOUT PARTNERSHIPS WITH TRIBAL NATIONS

Slide Schools Making sure our schools are safe for students and teachers alike is one of J Ferg Global’s highest priorities. Schools commonly need a wide array of risk mitigation systems. We offer customized solutions for air, entryway and surface sanitizing. We can also supply touchless temperature kiosks, rapid COVID-19 tests in bulk, and so much more to help your school reopen and operate safely. MORE ABOUT OUR WORK WITH SCHOOLS

Slide Municipalities There is a lot to worry about when developing a risk mitigation strategy for a local municipality. J Ferg Global will work with the federal government to maximize what municipalities can purchase with funding from the CARES and HEROES acts. From supplying cleaning products and rapid testing in bulk, to custom economic stimulus plans involving infrastructure development, J Ferg Global is the answer municipalities have been looking for to handle their risk mitigation needs. MORE ABOUT OUR WORK WITH MUNICIPALITIES


Infection Control & Risk Mitigation

Infection control and risk mitigation come in many different forms. J Ferg Global continues to position itself as a worldwide innovator in the strategy development and implementation of both infection control and risk mitigation.

Coordinating efforts with local workforces, J Ferg Global is able to quickly install new infection control technology, sanitize existing buildings and equipment, and improve local infrastructure to lower the chances of new outbreaks and mitigate risk. These efforts not only stop pathogenic threats in their tracks, but also improve local economies.

Economic Stimulus

What makes J Ferg Global unique is our reinvestment into the organizations and communities we partner with. The greatest impact of the pandemic outside of the lives lost was to economies, both large and small, around the world.

Our risk mitigation and infection control efforts work with local workforces to create new employment opportunities and boost spending. J Ferg Global understands the importance of working alongside locals to carry out its mission of keeping communities and organizations safe.

Government Funding Liaison

The federal government has billions of dollars of funds available for risk mitigation and infection control. J Ferg Global will work with your organization and the federal government to make sure that you receive the absolute maximum possible amount of funding from the CARES and/or HEROES acts.

Don’t worry about the confusing paperwork, red tape and bureaucracy. J Ferg Global is happy to operate as a government funding liaison for your organization.

Rapid Response

Time frames are typically incredibly small when it comes to pathogenic threats, health and safety. J Ferg Global has a tested rapid response model that is ready to have a strategy developed, with supplies and a workforce on the ground, anywhere in the world within only a few days.

If you are facing a potential rapid response situation, please do not delay and call us immediately.

Infrastructure Development

J Ferg Global recognizes that poor housing situations and a lack of local infrastructure can be one of the largest threats to public health. Through infrastructure development, J Ferg Global creates jobs and stimulates local economies, while also greatly decreasing the chances of possible outbreaks.

J Ferg Global offers roofing, plumbing, roadway development, insulation, weatherproofing, and the installation or improvement of public utilities.

Public Relations & Marketing

When large-scale risk mitigation or infection control programs are launched, clear communication with the public can be difficult. Proper communication from organizations to their stakeholders is as important as the physical risk mitigation efforts put into place.

J Ferg Global is here to help organizations craft messaging to their stakeholders that will not only keep everyone safe, but keep workplace and community disruptions to a minimum.

Industry leaders do not wait. They Innovate.

J Ferg Global has already helped push scientific progress in the area of disinfecting treatments and services for rigid surfaces. Now J Ferg Global is seeking advancements in equipment technologies that could keep environments sanitized continuously.

These technologies, created by the world’s top scientists and pioneers in their fields, include walk-through disinfection tunnels, air disinfection units, no-touch temperature & vitals kiosks, no-touch elevator conversion kits, and so much more.

Trust the innovators at J Ferg Global, today.

Slide The Science Corner J Ferg is constantly working with government entities to understand the newly released best practices from the CDC and other governing bodies.

We implore all our partners and visitors alike to regularly check out what guidelines are being offered by their local health authority.
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