Our mission is to help organizations and their stakeholders get back on their feet with health and safety as a top priority.

Safety for not only your customers but also your staff requires comprehensive planning.

Our Comprehensive Safety Plan with Training and Regular Auditing takes a thorough look at how to protect every facet of your business. 

We work with your business and map out every aspect of the process so that at the end of the day, you are equipped with a seamless strategy and best-in-class equipment to ensure that everyone is safe.

Integrated implementation is paramount, because every aspect of proactive risk mitigation and infection control must be coordinated to ensure efficient revenue restoration.

Phase 1 - Entry

Leave harmful pathogens at the door with proactive entryway equipment and help prevent invisible enemies from entering your facility.

J Ferg Global

Trusted | Diverse | Committed

J Ferg Global is part of the nationally-recognized and locally-trusted J Ferg Pros family of services. 

You can trust that J Ferg Global will be here and committed to you long after COVID-19 is gone. 

We are financially strong and on a mission to place health and safety at every business’s forefront.

Phase 2 - Surfaces

Protect Porous and non-porous surfaces from bacterias, odors, and harmful germs by utilizing cutting edge solutions and technology. We can perform the service for you or train your staff to be experts.

Solutions Thoroughly Tested By Us.

When we prepare services for you, we do the hard work of conducting testing and due diligence on which of these equipment offerings truly delivers the maximum benefit that is claimed.

Phase 3 - Environment

Protecting your employees is equally as important as ensuring the safety of your customers. World leading tech that continuously sanitizes your facilities environment.

When We Deploy, it is Amazingly Efficient.

After a thorough plan is made, and it becomes time to implement the solutions we have mapped out, our deployment team is a model in efficiency. Largely in part to the years of experience in commercial implementations, our efficiency is unmatched, because we know getting up and running safely is so important.

Phase 4 - Contents

Sanitize frequently touched items or objects that require deeper cleaning processes.

We Are J Ferg, We Are Accountability.

While our work product speaks for itself, our commitment to people, the success of our clients, and the long-lasting relationship that develops between two trusted parties, are what we pride ourselves on the most. 

Especially during these times, it is important to stick together through the tough times, so we can later look each other in the eye and see that we made it past these trying times.