Protecting Various Service Businesses

The Germinator product and integrated service has been protecting areas since before the most recent pandemic. You can trust that we’ve been developing and refining our process since before this more recent attention to surface protection.

We aren’t a cleaning company, we are a remediation provider.

Service Businesses of All Types

With many businesses with the need to not only protect staff but also customers, the challenges here are diverse but easily manageable for our team.

Let Our Customers Tell you How The Feel

Meet Lowell Wealth Management.

Like many of you, LWM is a business that is traditionally based on the power of human trust and interaction.

Although at one point entirely hamstrung during the pandemic, our commitment to delivering a safe working environment has helped LWM get back up and running.

Trusted and Covered by Many

The Germinator team is proud to serve companies both large in scale nationally and those who are deeply embedded in Texas. 

A Peak into The Germinator Process

It is important to ensure that we provide our steps in detail.

But also having a measurable way to see the difference gives you and us peace of mind that we are doing our job.

Responsible Pricing

Our pricing for our solutions are based on square footage, because we cover every inch that we can. 

So there are no secrets or surprises, we figure out together exactly how much space needs to be covered, and we go from there.